Jan Kovarik

Freelance graphic designer focused on corporate identity and overall brand experience.

My Projects

PRVOK Logo - children, be more cautious!

Time of Realization

2009 / 2010

PRVOK - basic version of a logo PRVOK - basic version of a logo

Client's Instructions

Our goal was to express the meaning and focus of Centre for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication, Faculty of Education of Palacký University in Olomouc in a simple logo.

Centre for the Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication focuses on prevention of hazardous behaviour associated with the use of information and communication technologies by children, especially cyber bullying, cyber grooming, cyber stalking, hoax and spam, sexting, social engineering methods, the issue of sharing of personal information through social networks and other dangerous communication techniques. It implements an educational, research, prevention and intervention activities.

The Result

Potential danger on the internet often looks completely innocent. Everything seems to be trustworthy. That's why I chose the neutral face expression of the pictogram. Pixelated right part of the logo is supposed to evoke the digital form of attack.

The danger that the Centre for Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication deals with concerns mostly children. Therefore, I added a motif of child's face on the shield symbol. I deliberately shifted the simplified face into the lower third. This way, it gives the impression of a bigger forehead and matches the proportion of child's head.

PRVOK - poster PRVOK - poster

PRVOK - logo example on printed CD PRVOK - logo example on printed CD

What Was The Content of The Commission?


I believe that the Centre's new logo matches its focus plus it also gives the world a message: “Watch your children, there is a hidden danger on the web!”