Jan Kovarik

Freelance graphic designer focused on corporate identity and overall brand experience.

My Projects

My Approach

New Design, New Start

Do you start from scratch, as people say, or you feel the need to update your current design? I am sure you have your reasons for it and there is always a background story. And that's what we start with. I want to know this story and reinvent it into a design that becomes your silent sidekick.

I always get started by analysing the current state of new client's visual identity (if there is some). If I figure that you don't need to change anything, you have one thing less to worry about! In such case, it won't cost you anything. That's a fair deal, isn't it?

Do You Need New Design At All?

Do you want a new design? And do you really need it? A complete change of graphics is not always the right solution. There has to be a reason for it, it has to be an asset for you. Otherwise it is waste of your time and money.

How Can I Tell a Good Design?

Good quality and timeless design should be simple and understandable. It cannot scream “here I am!” It should assure the customer: “yes, you are where you're supposed to be, this is what you've been looking for.” Do you agree? If so, write me!

I believe, that each piece of your corporate identity have to tell same story, have the same heart and the same brain.

How To Get Started?

Before I start designing, I need to get to know you. Your company, work system, goals, visions. I am going to have lots of questions.

Some of my clients can be really repelled by my questionnaire. There's nothing wrong about it, that's natural selection. Laws of nature. I can only attend to you when you are really serious about your new visual identity and you're willing to sacrifice your time to its creation. It is very important for you to understand that I could never design something that you can be proud of without enough information.

Before we set the date of the graphic design submission, I will send you a pro forma invoice for 50% of the total sum. This also serves as a drafting fee in case you don't use my design. This way, we always have a clean slate. I won't ask for the rest of the payment until you and I are both satisfied with the outcome. Then I just complete and prepare the materials for download.

The Creative Part

Our first task together is to absorb all the basic information and create a simple brand strategy. Only when the information you give me set us the right direction and notional limitations, we can start building something.

Information about you are, together with primary research of your company and your competition, a solid base. Without it, our project would fall apart like a house of cards.

Once I learn all this information, I will add an adequate amount of my own experience and knowledge and I get to work. My task is to find a perfect solution just for you.

I Present You The Design

Every new project is a challenge. However, the outcome has to be perfect every time. I will present you the result of my work on a personal meeting we arrange together in advance. You will learn how I proceeded in my work and I will explain the essence of my solution.

But it isn't going to be just a monologue. You will get to talk, too. There will be a discussion in which I will answer all your questions. I will hear out all your potential remarks. Sometimes, there is no need to change anything, sometimes just a few details. I show you only one variant but it is prepared so that you get the picture of how would the whole solution work in practice. This method proved to be the best one.

Done. The Solution Came Into Existence!

After the final approval and some finishing touches, the work is almost done. I prepare all the source files and data so that they are easily accessible for the client, the printing company or anyone who you assign to the task. Once all the data is ready to be sent, I will send you a final invoice for the rest of the pre-arranged sum. After the payment, I will hand in the outcome of our cooperation in the extent and form that we agreed on. I can also keep working with the graphics, like hand the materials over to the printing company or the sign-making studio, it depends on our deal.

Will you set off on a journey to the new design?

If you are ready, make the first step and write me. But before you do so, read some important information first ↓

What Not To Expect

What To Count On

Do you have any questions? Write me.

Who's My Typical Client

Mostly a professional with narrow specialization. I usually work with entrepreneurs or small and medium-sized companies. They reach out to me when they start to miss some part of their corporate identity. Sometimes, the visual image of the company or the product is completely absent but mostly just outdated. It needs to be redesigned in order to be functional and up-to-date and to match current demands of both the company and the market.

Sometimes I accept a one-time commission for logo design or some part of printed marketing materials. Nevertheless, I prefer long-term cooperation. I only do web design for my regular clients, who want to have unified corporate design not only in their off-line environment, but even on the web.

How Have I Become A Freelance Graphic Designer?

I have been dealing with graphic design for over 10 years. After graduating from high school, I worked in an advertising agency specialised in creating advertising. I started on the lowest post, as a junior technician. Due to this period of my life, I acquired many practical experience with materials for advertising and printing production.

I came to understand how the entire advertising mechanism works, what are its possibilities and limitations. In this company, I gradually grew and I ended up as a production manager/graphic designer and so I got into direct contact with clients.

Practical experience, lot of work and studying good-quality literature helped me to start my free-lancing carrier.

I have no ambition to grow my capacity, nor to increase the number of commissions. I prefer to focus on polishing the working process and further broadening of my knowledge.

Whenever I encounter a demand for more complex solution that is beyond my skills, I use a network of my experienced colleagues and contractors. With their help, I am able to provide even most complex solutions in very high standard.

In case that the task is completely out of my expertise, I don't fool myself and I help you to find a suitable colleague or agency that will be able to provide a good-quality solution.

Are you interested in anything else, do you need a new logo, printing materials or complete visual identity?
Write me.

Jan Kovarik,
freelance graphic designer