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ReklamniTechnologie.cz Logo – The Starting Point

Time of Realization


Reklamnitechnologie.cz - logo, basic version

Client's Instructions

ReklamniTechnologie.cz, s.r.o is a company selling machines and equipment for advertising production. We stand out thanks to our high-quality technical support for each machine. Besides specialised consulting and the possibility of professional installation and setting. This includes a database of user's manuals, updates and firmware directly in our e-shop.

We needed to create a logo that we could use on our web, in printed materials and various other places.

The Result

The client gave me a relatively free hand, however, they wanted a logo that would be easily applicable on their web, in printed materials, emails, but also on wrappings, tapes, stickers and stamps.

I create every logo to be applicable anywhere, not just in ideal conditions and sizes. But it's always better when the client has a clear idea about where the logo is going to be used. Together, we chose red, black and grey for our basic palette.

I created a simple and easily readable logo that reflects company's professionalism. But at the same time, it is not too striking so it doesn't distract anyone's attention when used on the web or in printed materials together with individual machine manufacturers' logos.

For a long time, I had been looking for some kind of feature that all the advertising production machines would have in common. Then I found it: the crop marks.

The individual machines differ in both size and construction. But before printing, cutting or milling, the operator has to find and determine the starting point. This is common knowledge to everybody who uses these machines – the company's customers.

This makes the logo smart, easy to remember and also original at the same time, I think. This idea also inspired me for the company's slogan: Your starting point in sign making.

Reklamnitechnologie.cz - logo usage example

Reklamnitechnologie.cz - logo usage example

Reklamnitechnologie.cz - logo usage example

What Was The Content of The Commission?


In advertising production, the correct set-up of the starting point is essential. In my opinion, both logo and slogan of the company depict this fact precisely.