Jan Kovarik

Freelance graphic designer focused on corporate identity.

My Projects

FireUp Logo – Keep Your Head Up!

Time of Realization


Logo FireUp, basic version

Client's Instructions

Our project FireUp.cz offers complete delivery of turnkey fireworks. We provide practically everything: the choreography, professional and certified pyro preparations, delivery to the place of launch, syncing with music, the launch and clean-up after the fireworks.

We needed to come up with a name, register the domains and create a logo. It was supposed to be easy, apt, professional and modern at the same time.

The Result

Thanks to perfect cooperation with the client, I managed to meet all of the demands and even to add a little more, as always. Our goal was to create a timeless and simple logo that would notably exceed the logos of other companies with similar specialization.

I designed and created a visually distinctive logo which contains a direction up and also a simple symbol of a flame. In most entertainment pyrotechnics, this flame bursts shortly and sharply during the ignition.

FireUp - logo usage examples

FireUp - corporate business cards

FireUp - a set of special pictograms

FireUp - website on mobile device

FireUp - website on desktop

I Gradually Provided


I believe that this logo encourages us to look up to the sky full of colourful blooming rosettes. That conjures up smiles on the viewer's face with every blast. You just need to keep your head up!